Where to eat in Warsaw – only in Bubbles!


Where to eat in Warsaw? This question is very commonly asked by tourists and people who only visit Warsaw but also by habitants of the capital who often wonder which place is worth trying. They very often look for a place to celebrate some special occasion, like birthday or graduation but also a place to meet with friends and simply spend a nice afternoon. On the other hand there are tourists, who usually look for a reliable restaurant where they can have a delicious lunch or dinner in a reasonable prices. No matter what is your reason or for what occasion you want to eat out, if you ask yourself where to eat in Warsaw, our answer is obvious – in Bubbles!

Bubbles is not only champagne. We are also a very good restaurant, where you can have a delicious yet affordable lunch or dinner – always freshly made and with only fresh and high quality ingredients. Our menu is a combination of traditional Polish dishes, variations of them as well as courses inspired by French and Spanish flavors. For traditional Polish cuisine lovers we prepare for example fried black pudding or beef tartar, for those who want to reinvent well known flavors we can offer a tomato tartar or green beans with chorizo and those who want to get to know cuisine of other countries will have the chance to try seafood, caviar, raclette and many more.

Our Guest satisfaction and contentment is our priority. If you have asked yourself, where to eat in Warsaw and you decided on Bubbles you can be sure, that we will do our best to make you feel satisfied after your visit. We are aware that there many components that contribute to the success, and we work hard on each of them. That is why we strictly look after the quality of the ingredients that we use, we never use frozen food and we take care of every little detail – from the atmosphere in our restaurant to the service and quality of our food.

Where to eat in Warsaw? – Everyone who asks that question want to find a reliable place, where you can eat a delicious, high quality but still affordable dinner and spend a nice time in a cozy atmosphere. This are all the factors that made Bubbles such a popular place in Warsaw. We take pride in the amazing, unique atmosphere that we have managed to create in our place. We are very glad when our Guests are satisfied and when they come back. A great localization is one thing, but without the creativity and huge involvement of our team Bubbles would never become one of the best bars in Warsaw.

So, if you are still wondering where to eat in Warsaw all we can say is – Bubbles. Come and find out yourself. Let’s Bubble!