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Some of our favorite fruits and vegetables are only in season for a short window of time while others are available year-round. Here is the perfect guide to help you know when ingredients are seasonally fresh so you can make the most of your experience.
When are popular fruits and veggies in season?
Here is a complete breakdown on the most popular ingredients around town. Using this as your guide will let you know which dishes you need to take advantage of, and when you should take advantage of harvest.

Apricots have somewhat of a cult following, but they’re only around for a short time throughout the year. If you’re looking for the perfect time to mix in some apricots into the restaurant experience, the best time find the fruit fresh is at the turn of spring and into the summer. Apricots are a delightful topping to fresh salads, and they are surprisingly a pleasant addition to quite a few meals.

When asparagus is cooked right, it can easily be considered one of the highlights of eating out. Sadly, asparagus is only in season for a short amount of time every year. Those who are looking to get a fair share of asparagus are going to need to enjoy this delightful veggie during the spring. By the time summer rolls around, asparagus will be a distant past.

Avocados are in season for most of the year. However, this delicious green can’t be harvested during the fall. As a result, you’ll see the last of avocados towards the end of the summer, and they’ll be gone until winter arrives. Those who love fresh fruits and veggies may not be a huge fan of winter, but thankfully avocado gives us all a reason to enjoy winter a little bit more.


Blackberries are beloved by many, but they don’t happen to be around very long. These incredibly nutritious berries are in season only throughout the summertime. This means that anyone hoping to take advantage of berry season is going to need to be actively hitting the restaurants during the summer. These berries are the perfect addition to a wide assortment of foods and are among the favorite ingredients of bakers around the world.


If you’re hoping for some delightfully fresh blueberry pie, you’re going to have to be patient throughout the year. Blueberries are only available during the summer which means that every fall brings a long wait until the glorious return of your favorite blueberry dishes.

Corn is another elusive vegetable that can only be harvested throughout the summer. As a result, many farming communities praise the days corn can finally be harvested again. While there are plenty of options available, there’s nothing better than a nice corn in the cob while it’s in season.

Grapefruit is another elusive fruit. However, unlike berries, grapefruit is only in season during the coldest season of the year. It’s the perfect fruit to help you through the winter, and it’s packed with some incredible nutrition. Not being able to have our favorite tropical fruit is a bit of a bummer, but thankfully grapefruit is there to help us tide the weather.

Watermelon is another summer delight that people can’t wait to get their hands on every year. When summer hits, restaurants launch promotions across the world to celebrate. It’s nice to get your hands on this amazing fruit while you have the chance, and luckily restaurants love carrying this fruit when it makes its way back into town!


Broccoli happens to find itself in season during mild climates. This means that fresh broccoli can be found the spring and during fall. Fresh broccoli is an excellent form of nutrition and it can be blended with a lot of incredible dinners. However, this green won’t be around all year. It phases in and out of season every three months.


This may come as a surprise, but tomatoes are only in season during the summer time. Due to this, it’s best to take advantage of this tasteful vegetable while they are fresh. When local tomatoes start pouring in, restaurants can’t wait to get their hands on them. A great way to take advantage of this seasonal veggie is to add a fresh side salad into your meal.

Rhubarb is considered another delicacy. However, unlike most seasonal fruits and veggies, rhubarb is only available during the spring. Many people use rhubarb as a crutch while they wait for the flood of delicious fruits and vegetables that come with the summertime. If you’re looking for something to mix it up before summer, rhubarb fits the bill perfectly.

Pumpkins As cold weather arrives, pumpkin coffees and deserts take over the world. While fall is a cause for a little bit of a letdown for people who love fresh fruits and vegetables, there is still a reason to celebrate. Pumpkins come at a time we all need it the most, which is probably why they are one of the staples of fall.
By using this guide, you can learn to take advantage of fresh fruits and veggies while they are in season. There’s nothing more delicious than ripe produce that just made its way out of the gardens and fields. Luckily, every season has its own produce, so knowing what is in season will help you keep your restaurant experiences fresh.