Restaurant in Warsaw
– Bubbles Bar & Restaurant


Restaurant in Warsaw where you can try specialties from all around the world – Bubbles Bar & Restaurant.

Restaurant in Warsaw with Polish cuisine but also dishes inspired by international flavors, such as French or Italian – that is Bubbles Bar & Restaurant. Our place is not only a bar, where you can hang out or have a drink. We are also an excellent restaurant, where you can try delicious food from around the Europe. In our restaurant we do our best to satisfy every Guest. Whether you are a traditional Polish food lover or you prefer seafood and Italian tagliatelle, you can be sure that you won’t leave Bubbles disappointed.

Polish tradition.

As a restaurant in Warsaw, we couldn’t imagine Bubbles Restaurant without some of our favorite traditional courses. We love Polish tradition, and we believe that Poland has one of the most delicious cuisine. That is why we have chosen some of the traditional dishes and included them in our menu. You can have a freshly made beef tartar, fried black pudding, Polish seasoned beef tenderloin steak or pork jelly. We also provide our guests with some Polish regional specialties, like farm cheeses or traditionally made cold cuts.

If you are looking for a restaurant in Warsaw, where you can eat some traditional meals, Bubbles is for sure a great choice. In our restaurant you can not only eat Polish cuisine but also try how perfectly it goes with champagne. It is a rather unconventional combination, but in Bubbles Bar & Restaurant in Warsaw you can find out how excellent it is.

French and Italian inspirations.

Even though we love Polish food, we also appreciate other countries’ cuisine and draw inspiration from them. We like to keep an open mind and take what’s best from foreign flavors too. Thanks to that you can try incredible dishes, that are most often associated with those countries, such as snails, camembert from Normandy or foie gras. It is a perfect proposition for those, who are looking for a restaurant in Warsaw where they can get to know different cuisine and new flavors.

Creativity and unique blends of flavors.

Our excellent, well qualified cooks are very creative and they are not afraid to blend flavors from completely different cuisines into delicious combinations. Bubbles is probably one of the few, if not the only restaurant in Warsaw, where you can try courses such as green beans with chorizo or avocado with pistachio salsa. We are constantly developing and improve both our restaurant as well as menu. We love getting inspired by various flavors and countries, we also serve African Merguez sausage, Spanish vitello tonnato or Swiss raclette. By choosing Bubbles Bar & Restaurant in Warsaw you can be sure that you are choosing high quality and outstanding flavor.

When choose Bubbles Bar & Restaurant?

Whether you want to eat traditional Polish cuisine or you want to get familiar with foreign flavors, you will for sure find something for yourself in our menu. All our dishes are carefully prepared, with fresh, high quality ingredients. In bubbles we want to teach our Guest new flavors and combinations but what is also very important to us, we want to debunk the myth that champagne is good only for special occasions. Our goal is to prove to you, that champagne is a perfect companionship for every meal and you don’t have to wait to enjoy it. Come to Bubbles Bar & Restaurant in Warsaw, and let us delight you!