Pub in Warsaw – Bubbles Bar & Restaurant


Pub in Warsaw with champagnes from all over the world – Bubbles Bar & Restaurant.

To find a pub in Warsaw is not a challenging task, but to find an unique place, completely different from others may be quite difficult. Warsaw is a big city and it is constantly developing. It is also becoming more and more popular tourists’ destination, so there are tens of bars and pubs, and new ones are opening almost all the time. So, with such a huge competitions around, what really makes Bubbles any different? Why Bubbles is such a popular pub in Warsaw? We believe that there are few aspects that contribute to that.


Bubbles Bar & Restaurant is a bar localized in the perfect localization – in the city center, right next to the Saski Garden and National Opera. It is also quite close to the Old Town. It is a very convenient localization, which makes Bubbles a very popular and often recommended pub in Warsaw. Even though Bubbles is placed in the city center, the surrounding area is rather quiet and peaceful – thanks to that our Guest have the perfect conditions to relax and have a nice time in our Bar. In warmer months we also open an outdoor garden, where our Guest can enjoy a beautiful weather and delicious dinner or bubbles at the same time.
Unusual approach

From the very beginning we knew that creating a just another pub in Warsaw will not be enough to achieve a success. Bubbles was supposed to be unique, and one of the factors that allowed us to make it was our approach. We try to look at Bubbles, our menu or service, from the Guest’s perspective, so that we will create a place that is casual and that you want to come back to. Our main motto is “treat a Guest like you would like to be treated yourself”. So, our cooks would never give you a dish that is not approved by them, and that they would eat. Our waiters are friendly and very helpful, so that you will feel at home in Bubbles. We believe that thanks to that approach our Guests want to visit us more than just once and our bar is one of the most often visited pub in Warsaw.

High quality

We know that high quality is crucial if a pub in Warsaw want to attract Guests and make them want to visit your place again. We take care of every little detail when it come to the quality of our dishes. Every single ingredient is fresh and simply very good. Even the best cook in the world wouldn’t be able to prepare a delicious meal with bad products. We have excellent cooks as well as high quality ingredients. If you order a meal in Bubbles you can be sure that you will always get delicious, freshly prepared and the best food possible.
Variety of Bubbles
Bubbles Bar & Restaurant is the only pub in Warsaw, that serves so many various champagnes and sparkling wines from all over the world. We have got bubbles from France, Spain, Italy. We serve the most popular brands as well as less known regional gems and specialties. In Bubbles you can try unique champagnes and sparkling wines, cocktails based on them but also red and white wines. We want to make sure that every Guest who comes to Bubbles leaves satisfied and happy. if you are looking for a pub in Warsaw where you can drink champagne, even without any special occasion, Bubbles will be the best choice!

Unusual flavors

Bubbles is a pub in Warsaw created with passion and love for both bubbles and good food. We love traditional Polish dishes but we are not afraid to experiment and combine it with different, sometimes unexpected flavors or to prepare dishes inspired by culture or flavors of different countries – like Spain or France. Everybody will be able to find something for themselves in our menu. For Polish food lovers we will prepare traditional beef tartar or black pudding. For those, who like to experiment and want to try combination of flavors we offer green beans with chorizo or our most popular dish – tomato tartar. For Guests who want to get to know flavors from other countries we have various options to choose from – from seafood, like oysters or legs of Kamchatka crab to Foie gras or caviar.