New Year's Eve 2017


New Year’s Eve Be4Party in Bubbles!

New Year’s Eve is just around the corner, so it is about time to think about celebrating the last day of the year 2017! Bubbles want to introduce new tradition and we invite you to our New Year’s Eve Be4Party. We provide unique taste sensations, champagne atmosphere and fancy cocktails.

We start at 16 p.m and we offer you an Open Menu, that costs 180 PLN per person and an Open Bar for only 70 PLN per person. This form allows you to try dishes and drinks from the special New Year’s Eve menu without limitations for three hours. Additionally there will be a possibility to order our famous oysters, sturgeon tartar or legs of Kamchatka crab.

For our New Year’s Eve be4Party we will be accepting advanced payments on the amount of 100% (by cash or by card). A condition for using the offer is buying an Open Menu by every person at the table. To the ending bill there will also be added a 12,5% of waiter service.

A New Year’s Eve be4Party in Bubbles is a guarantee of success in the New Year!

To make a reservation contact us:
tel.: +48 512 540 913

New Year's Eve menu:

• Tomato cream soup with creamy goat cheese
• Green beans with broad beans and chorizzo
• Fried black pudding with onion, spicy sausage and mustard
• Sardines on Dijon toast with lemon sauce
• Smoked herring pate
• Vitello tonnato
• Blinis with smoked salmon or caviar and sour cream
• Tomato tartar
• Kumpiak plate, Polish ham from Podlasie, matured for 10 months
• Avocado with pistachio salsa
• Raclette with homemade pickles and potatoes
• Red pine mushroom with butter or baked tomatoes
• Camembert from Normandy, additives: jam, chorizo or broad beans and sundried tomatoes
• Traditional Polish beef tartar with egg
• Mule: in saffron, butter-wine or arrabiata sauce
Dessert buffet:

• Bubbles cheesecake
• Creme Brulle
• Lemon tartlets
• Carrot cake with white chocolate
• Merguez - sausages in red wine with tomatoes and chilli • Gravadlax salmon with truffle cream and lemon sauce
• Salad with goat cheese, spinach, kale, avocado, sun-dried tomatoes and orange sauce
• Caesar salad with chicken
• Snails from Mazury in saffron, butter-wine or arrabiata sauce
• Tuna tartar
• Foie gras
• Liver pate and Foie Gras with raspberry jam
• Polish farm cheese board or regional cold cuts
• Kopytka with truffle sauce
• Beef Bourguignon with kopytka (potato dumplings) and pickled cucumber
• Duck breast in marinated beet sauce with potatoes and salad mix
• Tagliatelle with octopus and roasted tomatoes
• Zander with saffron-leek sauce with bulgur wheat and roasted vegetables
• Bread, olive oil
Open bar:

• Prosecco
• Coffee
• Tea
• Water/sparkling water