Top 7 Myths about Champagne

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Champagne is the drink of choice for so many celebratory occasions. It is usually reserved for partying and rejoicing, something that gives it a higher status among other drinks. At the same time, this high rank also limits its use.
Champagne is a celebratory drink, this is not an only perception; there is an abundance of wrong information prevalent in the town. There are many myths about champagne, and it is very often not what it is considered to be.
Here we debunk the 7 most prevalent myths about champagne.

1. Opening of champagne is a show
Champagne is termed as the most sparkling wine; this is the reason why its opening is necessitated to be a frothy show. Before, you try to open your champagne with a loud spectacle, beware that it can be dangerous. Glamor attached to untapping of champagne bottle is nothing more than pomp. It seems ostentatious on screens only. In reality, there is a great level of damage attached to it. Opening the tap in excitement can make it to hit the eye of any attendant in party.
The best way to start with champagne is first by keeping it in refrigerator for about 15 minutes. Later, drink should be cooled down to 45 degrees. After this, one should carefully twist the bottle tap but not the cork. Even the slight opening can also give a sound of pufft
2. Champagne flutes are a must use.
There is no doubt that long stemmed flutes have remained the best choice for enjoying the juices. Flute also gives lovely spectacles and ads to the celebratory flavour of any party. All that fun and classy look apart, tall, lean and stemmed flutes simply limits the ability of champagne, they bar the real aroma and smell of this drink.
Even champagne brewers have realized this fact. They have started making fine white glassware for the wine in. So, there is not at all any need to crave for the long stemmed glasses. Because what matters the most is aroma and odour of champagne, otherwise you can only experience the fun (that too limited) but not the taste.

3.Champagne is a cause of bad hangover
If you face any headache in the morning after drinking too much of champagne, then it is not because of that drink. Basically symptoms of nausea and headache are faced after drinking any kind of alcohol drink. So, too much drinking gives a bad hang over. Hence, there is no need to blame champagne for it.

Champagne is accused of giving a bad hangover is that it is a popular party drink. People tend to forget the limits and drink too much in celebratory mood. So, if there was any drinks other champagne, hangover situation would have been the same.

4. Champagne is only for celebrations
Champagne is categorized as celebratory drink only. This is very bad dealing with this drink. Champagne is the best choice that beautifully compliments any event. Whether it’s your birthday, engagement party or any get to gather of friends, hissing sound that champagne produces while opening the tap is the perfect rejoice for celebration.

But limiting this drink for celebrations only is a sort of injustice. Champagne gives a perfect combination with toasts and daily meals. So, if you think it is for celebrations only, then what’s wrong with celebrating on daily basis.

5. Champagne is the sparkling wine
To get this myth debunked, you first need to know what a sparkling wine is all about. The first sparkling wine was prepared in France with thorough a process known as method champenoise. The process requires making a still wine first. Second fermentation takes place in bottle, where yeast is collected in the neck. After this, yeast is released and sugar is added. Well, the process is intensive; hence champagne made is quite expensive. In reality, all the wines can be manufactured by using same method. One only needs to check for the tag that says, ‘method champenoise’.
6.Dom P Discovered champagne
This is relatively less popular myth. It is said that Dom P who was a blind monk discovered this wine in 1600. There is no doubt that Dom had significant contribution in discovery of wine. But he was not the founder.
7.Champagne should be served ice cold
This myth is must be debunked. Champagne should not at all be served ice cold. It should be kept in refrigerator and then allowed to cool. Too cold champagne makes user deprived of real aroma and flavour.