Bon appetitt



Oyster (1 pc. ) with lemon and shallot sauce 2 €

Soup of the day3,25 €

Green beans and broad beans with chorizzo 3,50 €

Pork and beef meatballs in mustard sauce3,50 €

Fried black pudding with onion, spicy sausage and mustard4 €

Sardines on Dijon toast with lemon sauce 4,75 €

Smoked herring pate 5,50 €

Tarte flambee - bread dough with onion, bacon, sour cream and thyme5,50 €

Omelette with smoked salmon or chorizo5,50 €

Vitello tonnato6 €

Blinis with smoked salmon or caviar and sour cream6 €

Pate with chicken liver and foie gras with raspberry jam6 €

Kumpiak plate, Polish ham from Podlasie, matured for 10 months
with raspberry tomato6,50 €

Tomato tartar6,50 €

Avocado with pistachio salsa 7 €

Raclette with homemade pickles and potatoes7 €

Camembert from Normandy, additives: jam, chorizo or broad beans
and sundried tomatoes 7,25 €

Traditional Polish beef tartar with lovage and egg 7,25 €

Mule: in saffron sauce, butter-wine or arrabiata, select one 7,25 €

Merguez - sausages in red wine with tomatoes and chilli 8 €

Gravlax salmon with truffle cream, beetroot and lemon sauce8,50 €

Salad with goat cheese, spinach, kale, avocado, sun-dried tomatoes
and orange sauce 8,75 €

Caesar salad with chicken8,75 €

Red pine mushroom in butter sauce 9 €

Snails from Mazury in saffron sauce, butter-wine or arrabiata 9 €

Tuna tartar9,75 €

Foie gras9,75 €

Legs of Kamchatka crab (serving approximately 350-550g) 13,75 € / 100g

Salmon caviar (not pasteurized ) with blinis and sour cream 20 € / 100g

Farmed sturgeon caviar with blinis and sour cream 33,75 € / 100g

Sturgeon caviar (not pasteurized ) with blinis and sour cream92,50 € / 100g

Polish farm cheese board or regional cold cuts 8,75 € / 100g

Main courses

Kopytka with truffle sauce 8 €

Pearl Barley risotto with beetroot salad and feta cheese or smoked tofu8,50 €

Beef bourguignon9 €

Juicy breast duck in marinated beet sauce11,25 €

Tagliatelle with octopus and roasted tomatoes with basil 12,25 €

Fish of the day - ask what we caught today depends on fish

Steak from seasoned Polish beef tenderloin with red wine sauce 18,75 €


Potatoes; broad beans with mint; mixed salad with vinaigrette2 €

Blanched spinach; baked tomato; kopytka on butter; baked vegetables 2 €

Bread, olive oil 1,50 €


Macaroons (3 pieces)3 €

Apples with crumble3,50 €

Crème brûlée 4 €

“Bubbles” Cheesecake4,50 €

Chocolate fondant with vanilla ice cream7,25 €