Little hooves with truffle sauce – how to prepare them?

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There are many dishes which we are eating with taste. However, we forget about them very fast. It is an art to prepare such dish which will not only appeal to taste of all guests but also will leave especially visible reminding to which guest will be coming back with fond memory. Little Hooves with truffle sauce served in restaurant called Bubbles are certainly as it was described above.

Each of us have tastes to which we like to come back. Naturally, experiments may be also pleasant – it will confirm any travel lover who doesn’t disappear of tasting dishes from local kitchens. We readily are getting to know what is new and incredible for us and the same exceptional. However despite, we always come back to meals which are checked and which are associated with defined persons, places and memories. Certainly the majority of us know such dishes which are easy in preparation, they seem to be the most delicious. Grandmother’s pancakes, mother’s tomato soup, mushrooms gathered with all family – all those things resemble the positive memories, they are synonym of beautiful, carefree moments and family happiness. This food is often called „comfort food”. These are all dishes which let us calling specified, positive affect on our mood by pleasant associations. When we have a bad day we subconsciously are getting for them so we can feel better because of it.

Probably the same, but not quite the same can affect on us memories from visited places in adulthood and dishes which we have eaten. Of course in the older age we are quite more choosy so they only from main criteria in that situation will always stay an excellent taste. Macaroni eaten during holidays in Rome, cookie from cafeteria in which we have been on the first date with our lovely person, dinner in a favorite restaurant – all those tastes bring with themselves pleasant memories and positive emotions. Evidently , well known little hooves with truffle sauce from Bubbles – they defend themselves – everyone who had an occasion to eat them, he will remember their taste forever.

Little Hooves is a flour dish which from years belongs to classical Polish kitchen. It is made from cooked potatoes, eggs and flour. Usually little hooves are an addition to the other dishes (especially meats), however if they will rightly prepared, they will also check great as individual dish reached only by sauce taste. Sometimes it is served also with butter or fat with greyhounds.

For homely little hooves the perfect idea on company are precious truffles, costliest mushrooms all over the world. Their appearance is very characteristic: these are dark tubers surrounded by rugged skin. The mushrooms like these don’t grow everywhere – they need very specific conditions to growing up. You can meet them only in quite warm regions such as Italy, South of France, Africa, Chinese, Japanese or South America. In Italy there is a law that controls gathering of those precious mushrooms. Unfortunately there is not much in amount of truffles (in addition the amount of them is getting lower) so it is associated with exceptional high price. One of the most expensive type of truffle is white truffle, it is characterized by yellow peel and irregular shape. There is also more often visited and quite cheaper (but still not luxurious) type – it is black truffle which we know by fruit smell.

Unfortunately it is hard to repeat the taste of little hooves from Bubbles in house conditions – kitchen chef zealously guards its own secret. If we want to know or remind this dish, we must to go to the restaurant. However, when we don’t have a possibility to go there is only a little household. We invite you on little hove in truffle sauce!

Recipe for little hooves with truffle sauce


500 g potatoes (400 g when cooked)
100 g flour
1 egg
1 small jar of truffle pasta
1/2 glass of whipped cream 30%
1/2 soon of truffles in cereals
1 spoon of dried tarragon
salt and pepper for good taste

Cleaned, peeled and cut on smaller pieces potatoes cook in salt water (even longer than usually, they have to be tender). After strained immediately chop by press to make delicate puree and then cool it. Sift the flour onto a board, make a hollow in the flour and add an egg. Salt and knead the cake (if needed sift the floor but do not overdo with quantity – the less flour the more delicate will be your little hooves).

In a bigger pot boil the water with salt. Fragment cake on pieces and form the rollers (approximately about thickness of thumb). By knife cut bias the pieces with wide of 1,5-2cm. The little hooves prepared in that way put in a boiling water. When noodles will leak, cook them by 4 minutes. Pick out with a slotted spoon and place in bowl.

Heat the whipped cream in pan adding salt, pepper and tarragon. Boil to its reduction what means volume reduction. Then add truffle past and boil it for a while. Turn off the burner and then add truffles in cereals. By that prepared sauce splash little hooves well-ordered on plates.