Interview with Bubbles’ Head Chef – Seweryn Piechowicz.

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Halloween – the origins of the holiday.
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Champagne tasting – how should it look like?

October 20th is an International Chef Day. It is a perfect occasion to introduce you closer to the amazing Head Chef of Bubbles Bar – Seweryn Piechowicz. He not only leads Bubbles team but also takes care so that every Guest who visits Bubbles is full and satisfied with flavor and diversity of our dishes, as well as its presence.

Where did the idea to become a cook came from?

It just naturally came to me, since my youngest years I needed to be able to do things in the kitchen, and it stayed like that to this day.

Do you think that everybody who can cook can become a chef? Or does this profession require a kind of calling?

An ability to cook itself is not enough to become a chef. You need to remember that it is actually a hard, physical and stressful work, so not everybody is able to do it. What will certainly help is a passion and love for cooking. Just like in any kind of profession.

What are some personal traits that a Head Chef should own?

A Head Chef needs to know how to both be in charge as well as carefully listen to coworkers and Guests. He or she also needs to be open to the new experiences and don’t be afraid to experiment.

In the gastronomy, as in any other industry, there are some periodical trends. What are the tendencies now and how do they apply the the menu in Bubbles Bar?

In Bubbles we try not to chase after temporary fashion, but we do follow current trends. From the ones that are “in” right now we particularly like using regional products. That is why in our restaurant you can try the best Polish farm cheeses, regional cold cuts or Kumpiak – a Polish matured ham.

What is your favorite dish to serve to your family and friends?

At home I rather try to take a break from cooking, such a rest is necessary to maintain the healthy balance. The head chef in my home is my wife. But I do have a favorite dish, it is a potato sausage that my grandmother used to make, and which I try to recreate.

During autumn one of the most popular ingredient are mushrooms. Could share with us a simple recipe with mushrooms?

Chantarelles in cream with scallion, garlic and fresh parsley. Such sauce is perfect to serve with meats as well as meatless dishes, such as potato dumpling (kopytka). It is a delicious addition, that will complement a flavor of any kind of dish and making it will take only few moments.