How to find a difference between champagne and sparkling wine?

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The word „champagne” is associated with special occasions, celebrating and luxurious. At the same time there is no drink which could be oftener „counterfeit.” The average Pole has no idea what is the taste of original drink from Champagne but he frequently was raising toasts with a cheap sparkling wine from Russia. Do you remember in simplification what is characterized the real champagne? How to know the differences from alternatives such like Prosecco or sparkling wine?

New Eve Party, birthday, jubilee, advancement in work, wedding… Al those occasions have one in common: the natural need of their celebration, marking that these days are exceptional and they are require some binding. Where’s the celebrating there is a champagne – probably everyone of us have the same connotation. There is nothing what integrates better than well known bubbles with raised toasts. Unfortunately not everyone of us can let for obtaining the real, original sparkling drink. The most of people must to make themselves happy by replacements of those drinks. Typically we don’t even highlight the differences and all sparkling wines are champagnes. It is not only comfortable but also pleasant – thanks to that we don’t think that the drink is only an imitation of something what we surely would like to drink if we could have more money. Independently from individual possibility of obtaining a champagne it is worth to learn a difference between all other sparkling wines. Thanks to that, when we will have an occasion to taste that noble liquor, we will really appreciate that.

The first and the most obvious difference letting us for knowing the champagne is not too big price. It can be a little shock for persons who used to the cheapest imitations don’t have anything in common with prototype: for the bottle of real champagne we will pay about 120 pln (it is worth to remember that it is the lowest from possible prices, it is rare met price). Top limits are situated really high: the most expensive champagne in our country is worth 10 thousands pln and the most costly bottle of that drink around all the world its price is 1,2 million pounds. As we know, the cheapest sparkling wine we can get just for a few pln. However, don’t be so economic – drinks for that price need to highlight by the lowest quality and fatal taste advantages. If we want to celebrate and do not want spend too much money, let’s decide it is better to decide on Prosecco. Its prices oscillates in limits from 120 pln. If you want to get a high quality, decide on the bottle in price at least 25 pln – such sum let for buying a really tasty wine.

The second, probably also intuitive factor distinctive the champagne from others sparkling wines is the place of its production. The original sparkling intoxicant comes from champagne or a few others regions of France. The condition is usage of a special method of fermentation so called a champagne or traditional method. This procedure will allow you for a second fermentation which take place in a bottle closed by cap.

The consequence of above described method is creation of natural bubbles, from which is known that noble liquor. We can also reach a natural fizz in another way – we can carry out the second fermentation in vats. This is the way how Prosecco is being created. That method is cheaper than the champagne method and at the same time it allows for gaining a very good taste attributes natural sparkling wines are tastier and nobler than those cheaper replacements, they highlights by complex aromas and depth of taste. After all bubbles are one of the criteria after which we can see a difference between Prosecco and champagne – the first one has the lighter bubbles and they are more fleeting. Reached by them wine is foaming more. In vat gas in a second is much visible and sharper it is because of fact, that the pressure in a bottle is higher than in vat. If the champagne costs less than over a dozen pln, we can be sure that carbon dioxide was injected there artificially.

As we mentioned above, the main difference between champagne and other sparkling wines is their taste. It is not a truth, that champagne is expensive just because of renown and that the similar effect we can get by significant lower cost. Of course it doesn’t mean that all cheaper than it strong drinks are not recommendable. A good prosecco and cava certainly have not only one staunch fan. However, it is worth to know how those tastes vary from themselves, even for appreciating each of them.

A good gourmet would extract in the champagne taste almonds notes, orange peel and even sponge cake. On the other hand prosecco tastes rather like flowers, fruits (for example: citrus, pear or an apple) and vanilla, cream or honey. It is worth also to know that the marking of tastes is different on prosecco and on champagne. On the prosecco bottle we can read the words like : brud, extrodry, dry, demi-sec. Whereas the champagne offers the following warriants: brut intégral, brut zéro, brut, sec, demi sec and doux.