Health benefits of drinking wine.

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We all don’t mind having an excuse to pour a glass of wine and relax after a long day. Well, it’s time to unwind, and there’s no better way to ease the edge off life than to pour a delightful glass from one of your favorite bottles.
Luckily, we can rest easy knowing that there are some amazing health benefits to drinking wine. Wine lovers enjoy the friendly competition over what style of wine is better, but simply drinking wine is a cause for celebration. Here are some great advantages of drinking wine.

1. All alcohol reduces risk

While health nuts love to bash alcohol’s unhealthiness, this substance can actually bring a number of benefits to the table. Firstly, drinking in moderation reduces the risk of coronary artery disease by an astounding thirty percent. In fact, all alcohol reduces stroke, fight colds, and even protect the heart. This makes the rewarding glass of wine all the much better.

2. Wine reduces the chances of cancer

In a world that’s set out to conquer cancer, wine may be great way to protect cancer from taking over the body. In fact, wine is linked to the decreased risk of breast cancer as well as prostate cancer. The reason is due to the antioxidants in wine’s ability to wage war against the free radicals that can hack your body and convert it over to a cancerous state. In fact, men who drink red wine in moderation are half as likely to catch prostate cancer than those who don’t drink wine at all.
Also, it’s awesome to note that wine is especially effective against more aggressive styles of cancer, and it even acts as an aid in advanced cancer.
That doesn’t mean the drunker you get the less cancer you’ll have, but it’s a pretty cool addition to a nice glass of wine.

3. Wine boosts the immune system

While there will never be a substitute for a well-balanced diet, a glass of wine a day is the perfect way to give your immune system a nice boost. Moderate alcohol consumption has been praised for its ability to help fight infections. But obviously a little too much will lead to a decrease in the immune systems’ ability to keep the body healthy.

4. Wine improves bone density

Another pleasant addition to drinking wine is an increase of silicon. This is a great asset for improving density within our bones. As we start to become a little bit older, our bones start becoming more fragile. Thankfully, having a little bit of wine in our diet counteracts the aging process.

5. Wine reduces the risk of diabetes

While wine is known to have a decent amount of sugar, it’s also great way to help people that have a high risk of type 2 diabetes. The key ingredient responsible for this amazing benefit is called resveratrol. Type 2 diabetes is known to develop a natural resistance to insulin in people who consume a descent amount of sugar. Luckily, resveratrol has been known to improve sensibility towards insulin. That’s another good reason for wine to make it into your diet.

6. Wine makes you smarter

Mental experts are confident about alcohol being responsible for a diminishing cognitive function. In fact, some courses that are designed to boost intelligence strictly forbid the consumption of alcohol. Luckily, wine is a slight exception to the rule. Red wine is thought to be food for the brain, because it’s directly responsible for preventing death of your neurons. The results are a decreased likelihood of Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s.

7. Wine stimulates longevity

When it comes to living a long a happy life, nothing will be able to beat exercise and a healthy diet. Luckily, there’s something magical inside of wine that can keep your body functioning well. It’s been noted that resveratrol can help reduce the risk of diabetes. It also has the ability to activate a protein that’s directly responsible for the prevention of aging. If living a longer and more prosperous life is what you’re looking for, wine is an excellent beverage to keep around.

8. Wine lowers cholesterol

If you’re thinking of ways to lower your cholesterol throughout the week, pouring a nice glass of wine every evening will help do the trick. The reason is that procyanidins are known for a healthy heart, and they promote healthier cholesterol levels. As an added bonus, red wine is also known for boosting the good type of cholesterol.

9. Wine lowers the risk of stroke

Along with every other type of alcohol, wine helps thin out the blood. This can naturally help break apart blood clots that could potentially lead to strokes. However, wine has a little competitive edge over the competition. It’s said that wine has a similar effect to the blood stream as aspirin. However, it’s also important to note that heavy drinkers are at an increased risk of stroke so it’s important to always drink in moderation to stay healthy.

These are nine fantastic reason for wine lovers around the world to rejoice. Next time you have a long day, rest easy knowing it’s a good move to pour a nice glass of wine.