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Father's Day in Bubbles

Forthcoming Father’s Day is a perfect occasion for celebrating.
It is also the best moment for Bubbles Bar to share a result of our last year’s project with you.

Our idea was to create a perfect homemade liquor – strong and exceptionally manly. One, that was supposed to mature through the entire year and be prepared by father and son. After few days of searches we have found a volunteers!
Tomasz – the owner of Bubbles Bar – together with his father Lucjan, have prepare a recipe for a perfect homemade raspberry liquor, which was perfected and watched over whole year round.

We will get to know its taste on 23rd June, exactly 366 days after the first jar has been filled up. Its official opening will take place on the occasion of the Father’s Day in Bubbles Bar. The liquor has been maturing for 366 days. Father’s Day is its anniversary.

On 23rd June the liquor will be poured into small bottles and together with the recipe it will be given to every Father, who will visit Bubbles Bar on their special day. The taste of the raspberry homemade liquor will be a proof of collaborative work of father and son. Will it be successful?

The liquor can be tasted right after the meal or take it home. Thanks to the enclosed recipe you will easily recreate it in the privacy of your own home.

Reservations for Father’s Day dinners can be made by sending an e-mail, calling us or through the form on our website.