5 European countries with most interesting and delicious cuisine.

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For most people food is the best part of their life; they simply live to eat. Europe, despite being a small continent, has very much to offer in terms of food. The continent is ancient and has rich cultural heritage, something that makes it home of tasty food. Poland, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Italy, France, Germany, Portugal or other European countries, all have some unique specialty despite being connected so closely.
It is natural for an outsider to think that unison of European countries may create monotony in tastes. In reality, it is not so. Every country has something unique to offer. While being on your visit to Europe, you would definitely have best dishes to feast upon, all with a special treat for your taste buds.
Here is the list of top 5 European countries that have more delicious food to offer.

1. Italy
Italy is the name which is directly connected to the food. It doesn’t matter in which corner of the world you live; you would always be familiar very well with Italian Pizza and Italian Pasta. It should be better to name the country a Pizza hub. It has almost thousands of Pizza kinds that are even capable of turning haters into lovers. Italy also boosts right place for offering fast food.
The famous of types of Pizza include Margherita, Speck &Mascarpone. Apart from this, other famous dishes include calbatta and Panini.
It would be wrong at all to limiting Italy to the fast food. The country has much more to offer other than Pizzas and Pasta. North of the boot-shaped Italy is in love with stuffed meat and creamy sauces while South has plenty of seafood options along with tomato sauces. The country has a variety of flavors to offer across the length and breadth of the country and one hardly finds a way towards boredom.
2. France
France and food, both things are quite relatable to each other. The authenticity of France as a hub of taste can be verified from a culinary dictionary; one can easily find words related to the French etymology. The country boosts some high-class restaurants that offer food which fits best on hygienic standards as well.
A variety of the food also depends upon the geographical diversity. France is, in fact, a hub of cheeses and desserts. Inland and coastline both have to offer special cousines. For instance, crepes, galettes, calfoutis and other such dishes are a must try out. A special offering of France is desserts, pancakes, cakes and other such sweets; No wonders why the country is the land of love and romance as well as one of the most delicious European countries.

3. Greece
Greece is the home to the perfect, original and pure Mediterranean food. One can say that country offers food which is an amalgam of taste and health. Most of the foods utilize, the basic natural ingredients like Olive oil, olives, sun ripened tomatoes, honey, nuts, courgette, and aubergine.

It wouldn’t be wrong at all to say that Greece is the perfect place for both vegetarians as well as non-vegetarians. The reason is the climate is perfect for the production of fruits like grapes. Apart from this, this country offers a plenty of grazing land. So, sheep and goat farming is carried on an industrial scale; a factor behind delicious meaty dishes that country has to offer. Drink that one must try is Ouzo. Eating Greece undoubtedly means to eat something nutritional, healthy and tasty.

4. Belgium
How is it possible for a neighbor of France to not offer a tasty cuisine? From five star restaurants to the street stalls, Belgium always has to offer a taste that caters to the needs of anybody. All the food apart, Belgium is really a heaven for those who have a sweet tooth. Hot waffles with cream, strawberries, and chocolaty flavors are a must to eat a thing.
In fact, chocolate is the specialty of Belgium. You can also go for Waterzooi, a famous dish which is prepared by chicken or wish. After eating a heavy meal, a special Belgium bear also remains the best option.
5. Spain
Any international restaurant, in any country of the world, carries the word Spanish as a prefix to any dish. Special Spanish food has characteristic baked onion and potatoes. Usually, Fired potatoes are served with spicy sauce. One can say that eating fries in Spain has its own fun.
Even in Spain, there are difference specialties according to the region. The most important dishes include gazpacho from Andalusia in Extremadura. Delicious dishes comprise of tomatoes, potato cubes, olive and other such regional ingredients.