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A cocktail is any drink that contains a percentage of alcohol in it. A champagne cocktail contains larger amount of champagne as compared to the other components. They are commonly served in bars, but people can make them at home for their own consumption.

The first champagne cocktail

This cocktail's origin can be traced back to 1862. Jerry Thomas wrote the first known champagne recipe in a publication called "The Bar Tenders Guide". It involved filling a shaker with ice cubes. Cordial medoc, bitters, cognac, sweet vermouth and champagne are then added to the shaker. They are shaken together and then poured into a chilled champagne flute. A slice of orange and a whole maraschino berry are used for garnishing.
Bar tenders soon discovered that making a champagne cocktail is a bit different from making other cocktails. When they followed the Jerry Thomas's recipe, the results were sometimes explosive. The less explosive ones made a mess and wasted a large portion of the drink. A safer way to make this cocktail was soon developed. All the ingredients would be shaken minus the champagne. The champagne would be topped up into the glass and the cocktail could be consumed as usual.
The champagne cocktail has changed as time goes by. Bar tenders and other drinkers have come up with interesting variations of the same drink. We will look at some of the different champagne cocktails you can enjoy.

Cocktails with real fruit

This cocktail is best for drinkers who enjoy sweet beverages. Most ladies love these cocktails because their alcohol content is relatively low. Apart from being delicious, this drink is also nutritious and healthy. A classic example involves blending raspberries, rhubarb and sugar in some water. Then the mixture is sieved and the resulting mixture or liquid is placed in a glass. Top it up with champagne, chill it then enjoy.
Other versions have the following ingredients:
* Lemon juice, sugar, brandy
* Strawberries and fresh mint
* Passion fruit and sugar cubes
* Oranges and cognac
* Raspberries and rum
* Cranberry juice, cherry
* Frozen peaches and vodka
* Red grapes and lemonade
* Pineapple juice and sliced kiwi
* Watermelon
These cocktails all use freshly extracted fruit juice to make a champagne cocktail. Lighter juices do not need to be sieved. Some drinkers prefer the champagne with the pureed fruits. The fruit blend is always topped up with the champagne last.

Champagne cocktails with other liquor

If you enjoy champagne cocktails but you want something a bit hard, then this is a good pick. This is a favorite for celebratory occasions like weddings and congratulatory parties. It is also a great pick for a night out. One of the favorites includes a mixture of fruit syrup, tequila and champagne.
Others include:
* Vodka
* Gin
* Brandy
* Red wine
* White wine
* Rum
* Tequila
* Cognac
Champagne does not always go well with all other alcohols. Some of this cocktails tend to give someone a terrible hangover. The cure is to match up each glass of cocktail with a glass of water. Keep yourself hydrated and you should be fine.
Also experiment with different cocktails. You will finally find a combination that you like and which does not make you sick.

Spicy champagne cocktails

The essence of spicy cocktails is to make life a bit more interesting. Some of these cocktails are rumored to alter behavior. They may increase libido, raise the body temperature or basically help you loosen up.
These cocktails include ingredients such as:
* Chilli
* White pepper
* Crimson spice
* Fresh ginger
* Sea salt
* Cinnamon sticks
* Apple cider vinegar
* Coriander
* Ginger ale
* Pomegranate seeds

What Champagne works with cocktails?

You do not have to drink champagne cocktails only at bars and special events. Pick a champagne that is of the best quality you can afford. Champagne that is retailed in magnum bottles is considered better quality than three standard bottles. This is because the magnum bottles are thought to contain fewer bubbles, thus increasing the dryness.
If you prefer sweet cocktails, then a dry and yeasty champagne would be best. Cocktails have the ability to improve a poor champagne so do not worry if you buy a bad bottle by mistake. You can even mix different bottles of champagne to see what works for you.
Finally, be creative. Their is no rule book when it comes to cocktails. You can come up with your own cocktails in your kitchen. Just combine it with whatever you like. It doesn't matter how crazy it sounds. Some of the tastiest cocktails contain the most unlikely of ingredients.
Do not forget to drink a lot of water to avoid the famous killer champagne hangover. Drink a glass of water between every glass of champagne