Blue Monday in Bubbles

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Vegetarian Day in Bubbles
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Valentine’s Day in Bubbles

Blue Monday in Bubbles!

Blue Monday is one day in a year that is a scientifically proven to be the most depressing day. In 2004 Cliff Arnall has come up with a mathematical formula that takes into account meteorological, psychological as well as economic factors and as a result he has calculate a specific date. Since than one Monday in a year, now it is a third Monday of January, is called “Blue Monday”.

How to cope with unfavorable circumstances? Well, we always feel that a glass of excellent bubbles and delicious meal improves our mood! That is why we have prepared ourselves for the most depressing day in a year with a special, mood enhancing menu, in which you can find such delicacies as: chicken breast with mango salsa and rice, zucchini pies with walnut cream cheese, salad with spinach and goat cheese, codfish on fried cabbage with lentil and white chocolate mousse with blueberry jelly. Add some excellent bubbles to it and make a Blue Monday a much better day!

Come to Bubbles - let's conquer Blue Monday together!