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Seafood – what is it and how to prepare it?

Seafood, or frutti di mare, is a specialty of Italian and French cuisine. Those delicious marine creatures just recently became more popular in Poland.
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Seasonal products.

Some fruits and vegetables are only in season for short period of time, others are available year-round. When it is best to eat which seasonal products?
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Health benefits of drinking wine.

Drinking wine is not only one of many people’s favorite way to relax after a long day, it also has amazing health benefits.
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Caviar. Types and alternatives.

There are different caviar types, depending on the fish from which it is obtained. Here is a list of the true caviar types as well as available alternatives.
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Cocktails with champagne

A champagne cocktail contains larger amount of champagne as compared to the other components. Find out what are the types.
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Top 7 Myths about Champagne

There are many myths about champagne, and it is very often not what it is considered to be.
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5 European countries with most interesting and delicious cuisine.

While being on your visit to Europe, you would definitely have best dishes to feast upon, all with a special treat for your taste buds.
beer - types and differences. Bubbles bar Warsaw

Beer – what are the types and differences?

There are various sorts of beers, each of which is said to have a place with a specific style.
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What kinds of food will go well with champagne?

Whether you’re searching for an early lunch or need matching thoughts for exemplary tasters, these suggestions will upgrade the kind of both champagne and your sustenance.
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Spanish Flavours – what to expect?

The Spanish food has its own appeal, shocking vacationers through differing qualities, and an unimaginable combination of tastes.
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Champagne or sparkling wine – what’s the difference?

The question of differences between champagne and sparkling wine arises among the people and they want to know if they are the same.
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Champagne. A short guide for beginners.

Champagne is very often associated with celebrating special occasions, as well as with glamour and luxury.