Why is it a good idea to drink wine? - Bubbles Bar & Restaurant blog

Why is it a good idea to drink wine?

If every once in a while you want to have a glass of a „high percentage” drink, it is the best to go for wine. What properties of wine make it worth drinking?
champagne tasting - bubbles bar blog

Champagne tasting – how should it look like?

Champagne tasting is an event organized for champagne enthusiasts as well as amateurs who want to start their adventure with champagne. How should it look like?
International Chef Day - Bubbles bar

Interview with Bubbles’ Head Chef – Seweryn Piechowicz.

October 20th is an International Chef Day. It is a perfect occasion to introduce you closer to the amazing Head Chef of Bubbles Bar – Seweryn Piechowicz.
halloween - the origins of the holiday. bubbles bar blog

Halloween – the origins of the holiday.

Halloween is related to many customs and with a pretty complex origins. What is the source of the rituals that we follow by cutting out jack-o-lanterns and put on scary costumes every year?
little hooves with truffle sauce - Bubbles Bar blog

Little hooves with truffle sauce – how to prepare them?

Little hooves with truffle sauce served in restaurant Bubbles are one of our signature dishes, which taste surprises, delights and leaves especially visible reminding. Find out how to make them.
sparkling wine and champagne differences. Bubbles bar & restaurant blog

How to find a difference between champagne and sparkling wine?

Do you remember in simplification what is characterized the real champagne? How to know the differences from alternatives such like Prosecco or other sparkling wines?
Seafood - Bubbles bar & Restaurant blog

Seafood – what is it and how to prepare it?

Seafood, or frutti di mare, is a specialty of Italian and French cuisine. Those delicious marine creatures just recently became more popular in Poland.
seasonal products - bubbles bar blog

Seasonal products.

Some fruits and vegetables are only in season for short period of time, others are available year-round. When it is best to eat which seasonal products?
health benefits of drinking wine - Bubbles bar blog

Health benefits of drinking wine.

Drinking wine is not only one of many people’s favorite way to relax after a long day, it also has amazing health benefits.
Caviar - Bubbles bar & Restaurant

Caviar. Types and alternatives.

There are different caviar types, depending on the fish from which it is obtained. Here is a list of the true caviar types as well as available alternatives.
Cocktails with champagne - Bubbles bar

Cocktails with champagne

A champagne cocktail contains larger amount of champagne as compared to the other components. Find out what are the types.
Myths about Champagne - bubbles bar Warsaw

Top 7 Myths about Champagne

There are many myths about champagne, and it is very often not what it is considered to be.