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Bar with champagne in Warsaw – Bubbles Bar & Restaurant.

Bubbles is an exceptional bar with champagne in Warsaw, where you can try champagnes and sparkling wines from all around the world. Champagne as a beverage is most often associated with luxury and exclusiveness reserved for only special occasions. In Bubbles you can try this luxury on a daily basis. We want to debunk the myth that drinking champagne should happen only occasionally, during celebration. Bubbles is an unique bar with champagne in Warsaw, where you can enjoy delicious bubbles on a normal day, accompanied by simple, but high quality and tasty dishes. We prove that champagne goes perfectly well with meals and that well suited flavors will complement each other, bringing the best out of them.

We take pride in being a great bar with champagne in Warsaw, but what is really the beverage that we serve? Champagne is a kind of well know sparkling wine, that almost everybody is familiar with. A real champagne, that can be actually called this name, comes from Champagne (north-eastern region of France) and is produced there. If it is produced anywhere else it should be always called sparkling wine.

In the process of production of this unique beverage there used three kinds of grapes – white Chardonnay and two red - Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. In Bubbles Bar with champagne in Warsaw you can find both those with small, delicate bubbles but also those with more intense and lasting bubbles. What makes it different from different wines is the process of artificial saturation with carbon dioxide. A traditional method of champagne production includes two stages. The first one is producing a white wine – assemblage. After that it is poured into bottles, where a proper amount of sugar and yeast is added and a long process of fermentation starts. As a result in the bottles there are made bubbles – so characteristic for champagne. In order to bring out what is best form the grapes and for the champagne to have the best taste possible it should be lying down for at least fifteen months.

All of this technical knowledge of how the champagne is made may seem boring or redundant, but in order to have the best bar with champagne in Warsaw we want to know everything about it, from the very beginning. Thanks to that we understand this beverage and we are able to share our knowledge and experience with our Guests.

Drinking champagne is one thing, but pairing it up with food is completely different, and it may be actually more difficult than it seems. Mostly, because not everybody is familiar with different champagne flavors and types and what is more, champagne is by many people drank on itself and only few times a year with special occasion. Bubbles is a bar with champagne in Warsaw, where you can get to know this extraordinary beverage better. You will get the chance to try different kind of champagnes, from the sweet one to extra dry. Our staff will recommend you the champagne to your preferences or will help you with selecting the one that will complement your food the most.

Whether you look for a place to celebrate a special occasion in or you want to learn more about champagne, Bubbles is a place for you. We are a bar with champagne in Warsaw perfect for everybody – from people who are just about to start their champagne experience to experts. Visit Bubbles to get to know champagne better, to discover new flavors and unique combinations.
Let’s bubble!