Bubbles Bar & Restaurant is the only place, where we serve our customers bubbles from all over the world.

Only here you will find out that this specific kind of liquor is not only used for celebration, but also perfectly goes with simple meals. Huge range of bubbles accentuates excellent cooking that combines simple ingredients into unexpected compositions. Our menu includes: huge range of regional cold cuts and cheeses, Raclette from the oven, tomato tartare, seafood, seasoned meats and unconventional desserts.

Our customers’ reviews

I love it :) Amazing atmosphere and great food. And most importantly wonderful and competent service.

Sylwia, 10th September 2016

A place worth recommending! Excellent food, the best duck I have ever eaten, with strawberry sauce on duck demi-glace, additionally broad bean on butter and it is delicious. Unexpected combinations, fun with the taste and of course hospitality of Mr. Tomek make it possible to spend brilliant time in Bubbles! P.S. You won’t find such a cheesecake anywhere!

Julie, 5th April 2016

Excellent champagnes, but the tomato tartare turned out to be the king. It is unimaginable. I am addicted. And the service is like from a movie about magical waiter. A great movie.

Lena, 28th July 2016

This place is perfect! Create with passion for a sense of style and exceptional taste. Every detail was taken care of. I can recommend it for anybody who loves food. Because no love is more honest than the love for food. Tomato tartare – perfect for pregnant women and not only:) Potato dumplings in truffle sauce – insanity! Not to mention the bubbles:) I could write for ever, as it is also worth to recall their desserts.. But I don’t want to make my mouth water, because they are close today:) Tomek takes care of amazing atmosphere, which makes me feel at home! I will go back as often as possible!

Anna, 1st January 2016