A cult bar in Warsaw – how Bubbles entered the capital city’s Top 10

The Polish cuisine of the inter-war period Bubbles bar restaurant
Polish cuisine of the inter-war period
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Food is more than nourishment – how to taste the food?
Warsaw is not only the capital city of our country, but also a sort of capital of the Polish gastronomy. One has to admit that although the culinary offer in Poland keeps growing every year, Warsaw is still known for the greatest selection in this regard. As one could guess, becoming one of the ten best and most popular restaurant or cult bar in such city isn’t an easy task, but Bubbles managed to pull it off. Why? What makes this place so famous and appreciated?
Bubbles is a unique place on the culinary map of the capital city. The first thing that attracts our attention is the original name. „Bubbles” obviously refers to one of the most fancy type of drinks, which is champagne. But those aren’t just empty promises, as in Bubbles we’ll find plenty of different kinds of this beverage. The restaurant’s mission of a sort was to prove that the famous „bubbles” can be consumed every day, as they fit every occasion and many different types of dishes. When visiting Bubbles, we get a chance to try different sparkling wines and champagnes from the upper price range. As the creators of this place assure, they bring out the flavor of dishes and allow to enjoy them more.
Besides the name, another thing catching the interest is the unusual interiors of the restaurant. Despite what we might expect from a place serving such fancy drinks, looking for stiffness and snobbishness here turns out fruitless. The interiors were arranged in a consistent, yet very eclectic style. Since Bubbles is a place that is friendly to everyone, the room styling combines both the traditional vibes as well as modernity. The walls were painted in a robust yet also toned-down shade of bottle green. The furniture (mostly wooden) is beautiful, but also comfortable. Wooden chests have books, magazines and wine bottles displayed in them. The entire thing gives a very warm, cozy sensation. Although it’s an upscale place, the original decor allows us to feel causal and non-serious. Such decision perfectly fits the restaurant’s philosophy, the aim of which is to prove that champagne is a drink for everyone and one can consume it in every circumstances – not just for special occasions, in an elegant restaurant with white tablecloths.
Another thing worth mentioning is Bubbles’ very convenient location. The restaurant is located in the downtown of Warsaw, on Pilsudski Square, which is very close to the Grand Theater. It means that the facility makes a great place for a dinner or supper after watching a play. It sounds pretty coherent and sensible anyway: after an artistic feast we can satisfy the needs of our stomachs and taste buds. Bubbles is located very close to the public transportation, so that we can easily come here to eat from any place in Warsaw.
Another thing that certainly makes Bubbles stand out among other restaurants in Warsaw, and what makes it a cult bar, is the selected staff. Most of all (which is very important) the place is served by people who are nice, polite and smiling. It is known that a good bar or restaurant can’t exist without people with passion, and a facility’s good renown is never owed to a single person, but results from the entire team’s effort. Only the best cooks cook at Bubbles who have the right knowledge and experience as well as stand out with their perfect taste and intuition.
Their dishes combine tradition and modern approach to cooking, and each of their dishes is served in an interesting, unique way. The waiters also approach their job with passion and involvement, not only caring about what’s going on in the dining area, but also knowing the entire menu very well and being aware of what’s going on in the kitchen. It is them who make the guests of Bubbles feel so good there, which results in them wanting to come back regularly.
Of course, the main reason why we tend to visit a particular restaurant is the food served there. Great cooks make sure that everything ending up on the guests’ plates is fresh and tasty. Even the way of serving food is delighting in itself: every portion is balanced, colorful and satisfies even the most elevated aesthetic expectations. The menu is very vast, especially the appetizer section. Different soup of the day is served every day, and we can also try many different hors d'oeuvre, like a tomato tartare (which is a real hit among the guests), string beans with chorizo and fava beans, smoked herring pate, smoked salmon or caviar and sour cream pancake, foie gras, different kinds of salads, as well as Polish cheese and regional cold cuts.
Bubbles combines the advantages of a restaurant and a deli, so if we wanted to bring something home, the staff will be happy to pack it to go. Among the main courses the „star” is dumplings with truffle sauce, which is the dish most often selected by the regular patrons of the restaurant. Besides that, we can also have things like tagliatelle with an octopus and roasted tomatoes, guinea fowl breast in sage sauce or a beef tenderloin steak with red wine sauce. All the dishes are fresh, prepared with great care and also (what is most important) delicious.